Online Auction a Big Success!


Thank you to all the businesses who donated
and participants who bid on items!
The combination of donations and bidding helped to ensure
the 2018 Online Auction to benefit the PCFC was a big success.

Here are a few numbers and statistics to tell the story of this year’s online auction.

  • We had a total of 96 items donated by local businesses and individuals…
    • All 96 items sold!
  • The auction raised a total of $6823 for the Friends of the PCFC…
    • $5925 for items sold
    • $898 in additional donations
    • Thank you to all donors and bidders!
  • Over the 10 course of the auction we had…
    • 7670 pageviews
    • 685 bids
    • 99 registered participants, of whom 75 bid on at least one item
    • 46 people were successful bidders
      • Of this group, there were 25 winners of one item
      • 21 people won 2 to 8 items. In other words, 28% of the bidders won 74% of the items! Mean number of items won for this group was 3.4
  • The number of bids per item ranged from 1-31, with a mean of 7
  • The number of bids per person ranged from 0-69, with a mean of 7
  • Mean number of items won per person was 1.5
  • The very last bid came 1 minute before the auction closed, at 8:59 pm on April 15.
  • In an auction, everyone wants “a deal”–how did our winning bidders make out?
    • There were 61 winners (63%)  who got a bargain, paying less than fair market value (FMV) for their item. Their bargains ranged from $2 below FMV to $414, with a mean of $52.92
    • Six winners (5%) paid “right on the nose” for their item
    • 31 winners (32%) paid a premium for their item–premiums ranged from $1 over FMV to $150, with a mean of $17.90

This was our 3rd Online Auction, and the most successful one yet.
Visit this site regularly for updates on the auction for 2019!

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