Support the PCFC and Erin in the Maine Marathon!

Erin at the Sugarloaf Marathon, May 2017

Our good friend and supporter of the Portland Community Free Clinic is running in the Maine Marathon in September. This is her fourth marathon and she is well on her way with her training regimen. Erin is also raising money for the PCFC through the Marathon and we are very grateful for her support. In Erin’s own words:

My fourth marathon training is well underway! I’m running in part to raise funds for the incredibly efficient and caring community that is the Portland Community Free Clinic. On a shoestring budget the clinic cares for over 500 patients each year. How? Volunteer doctors and nurses who say coming to work at the clinic is a highlight for them. It’s medicine the way they want to practice it. Southern Maine residents residents are lucky to have this resource when they are between jobs and without insurance, or if their employers do not provide insurance. It’s not universal healthcare, but it’s a safety net until we get there!
Click here to visit the Maine Marathon page
and click “sign up” then “donate” then scroll
down to select the PCFC as your option.
Any $ amount is put to incredibly good use
goes a long way!
Thank you! 

And thank you, Erin, for your support!

Friends and supporters like Erin make the PCFC a very special place and an important part of healthcare delivery in Greater Portland, Maine. Please consider at $25.00 donation to the PCFC to honor Erin and support the ongoing mission of the clinic as part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration. You may donate online securely by clicking anywhere in this paragraph. You can also donate at the Maine Marathon website, as noted above. All donations received from either option will go directly to the PCFC and help us continue the work we do on a daily basis. Thank you!

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