What is Presenteeism?


Every hear of presenteeism? It is sort of the opposite of absenteeism–that is, going to work when you are sick or have symptoms, instead of staying home and getting better. Presenteeism is an issue for many of the patients that we see at the Portland Community Free Clinic. Here, Bob Barrett, RN, Public Health Nurse at the PCFC, gives a one minute overview of presenteeism and how it affects men and women in the workplace.

Thank you to Mike McKeen of Tiger Funk Productions & Media Management, who worked with the Friends of the PCFC to create this video. We will be featuring more videos from Tiger Funk in the coming weeks.

Friends and supporters like Tiger Funk make the PCFC a very special place and an important part of healthcare delivery in Greater Portland, Maine. Please consider at $25.00 donation to the PCFC to support the ongoing mission of the clinic as part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration. You may donate online securely by clicking anywhere in this paragraph. Thank you for your generosity!


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