Walk like a penguin to avoid falls this winter!


Fall are the third leading cause of unintentional deaths according to the CDC. Here in Maine, we are not strangers to cold, snow, ice, and the resulting slippery sidewalks and driveways. Keep yourself safe and minimize the risk of falls by walking like a penguin. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep your weight forward and on your front foot.
  • Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance. The worst place for your hands is in your pockets!
  • Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps, side-to-side, rather than big steps.
  • Wear footwear that provides traction.
  • Step down, not out from curbs.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Walk on snow or grass if possible.
  • Wear a bulky coat so that if you do fall, you have some padding.
  • If you fall backwards, make an effort to tuck your chin, so your head won’t hit the ground. Also, don’t try to break your fall with your hands–you could break your wrists or arms
  • Try to form a ball and relax the muscles. You will injure yourself less if you are relaxed.
  • If it is at all possible, stay indoors!

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