We Have Moved!

39 Forest Avenue, New Home of the PCFC!

After more than 20 years at the same location, the Portland Community Free Clinic has moved! We are now located at 39 Forest Avenue in Portland. Our official move-in date was November 5th and we started seeing patients on November 15th. Our new location is bright, clean, freshly painted and much more spacious! Whether you are a friend, volunteer, or patient, come visit!

What hasn’t changed?

  • We still have the same phone number: 207-874-8982
  • We still have the same schedule: clinics are generally held in the evening (6 pm to 8 pm) and Thursday afternoon. Occasionally, we will have a daytime clinic on other days.
  • Nurses and staff are available during the day (9 am to 5 pm) to answer questions, call in prescriptions, make referrals, and everything else we do behind the scenes.
  • We are still the same, friendly PCFC we have always been–here to serve the members of our community who don’t have health insurance and need access to high quality, primary healthcare. Call us at 207-874-8982 to do an intake on the phone. If you qualify for services, we will schedule you for an appointment.
  • You can also contact us through this website. Click here for our contact form.

39 Forest Avenue is just one block from Congress Street. There is a light at Congress and Forest (but you can’t turn left at the light, just FYI). Patients and volunteers can park in the lot next to the building. There is also parking on the street (with meters) but the meters don’t require payment starting at 6 pm. Make sure to come in the door that is right on Forest Avenue. Bus lines 2, 4, 9A, and the Breez are all convenient to our new location.

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