Our Staff

The Portland Community Free Clinic has a core of paid staff who handle the day-to-day activities of the clinic, provide case management, manage clinics, schedule volunteers and appointments, and a myriad of other details. We are proud to be part of the PCFC!

Medical Director: Kathleen Fairfield, MD, DrPH

Dr. Fairfield has been a volunteer with the PCFC since 2002 and has served as its Medical Director (in a volunteer capacity) since 2007. Dr. Fairfield also volunteers and provides care one evening every month. In addition to her work with the Free Clinic, Dr. Fairfield works at Maine Medical Center, providing care in the Internal Medicine Clinic, overseeing scholarly activities of the medical residents, and serving on the CORE research team.

Clinical Programs Director: Caroline Teschke, MD

Dr. Teschke oversees all the clinical programs at 103 India Street, which includes the Portland Community Free Clinic. She is a fierce advocate for our mission and our patients. Dr. Teschke has extensive experience in public health caring for vulnerable populations, particularly those persons living with HIV and AIDS.

Program Coordinator: Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

Leslie has been associated with the Free Clinic since 2001, first as a volunteer, then per diem nurse, and since 2009, as the Coordinator. She enjoys her time at the Free Clinic because she finds working directly with patients keeps her grounded and focused. When she isn’t at the Free Clinic, Leslie is busy with her own business, Maine Desk LLC, which provides editorial consultation and support to aspiring authors. Leslie was very proud to be inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in October 2014.

Public Health Nurse: Bob Barrett, MS, RN

Bob joined the Free Clinic team in September 2011. Bob has a long career in public service, working with vulnerable populations in various settings, including homeless clinics and corrections. Prior to coming to the PCFC, Bob worked on affordable housing and elder care issues as well as three seasons as an urban park ranger. Bob is also a new resident of Westbrook and looks forward to continuing his interests as a hospice volunteer, basketball coach, community gardener, and trails user on bike and foot.

Volunteer Coordinator/Office Assistant: Diane Cunningham

Diane has been a key member of the Free Clinic team since 2014. She oversees volunteer activities which range from coordinating schedules to recruiting new volunteers. In addition, Jocelyn provides administrative support, answers the phone, completes patient intakes, schedules appointments, manages referrals and more. Diane moved into this role in March 2014 and works at the PCFC on Tuesday and Thursday.

Sandy Green

Sandy has been with the Free Clinic since 2004. Like everyone else, she is willing to pitch in and help out wherever she is needed. A major portion of her time with the clinic is devoted to coordinating patient assistance applications to obtain necessary medications for our patients at no charge. She also provides administrative assistance on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Megan Evans, FNP

Megan works at India Street in the Ryan White and Positive Health Programs. In addition, she is available to the Free Clinic for immediate clinical support in the absence of our medical director.

Per Diem Nurse: Susan Garrett, MSN, RN

Sue is a long-time volunteer, joining the Free Clinic in 2003. She fills in as a per diem nurse when Leslie or Bob are not available to staff the clinic. In her “day job,” Sue teaches nursing at Southern Maine Community College.

Per Diem Nurse: Yvonne Jumper, BSN, RN

Yvonne wears a number of “per diem” hats, assisting the Free Clinic, Immunization Clinic, Healthcare for the Homeless, and the Positive Health Program. Yvonne is also a member of the Friends of the Portland Community Free Clinic and serves as Secretary.

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