2018 Year End Appeal is Still Ongoing!

Even though we are three weeks into 2019, the 2018 Year End Appeal to benefit the Portland Community Free Clinic is still ongoing! We sincerely appreciateĀ all the donations that come for the Year End Appeal, whether they are "early bird" donors in November (actually, this year we had one in July!) or "late bloomers" in... Continue Reading →

What is Presenteeism?

Every hear of presenteeism? It is sort of the opposite of absenteeism--that is, going to work when you are sick or have symptoms, instead of staying home and getting better. Presenteeism is an issue for many of the patients that we see at the Portland Community Free Clinic. Here, Bob Barrett, RN, Public Health Nurse... Continue Reading →

The Flu; Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Symptoms Emergency Medical Attention Who is at Risk? Treatment Complications Duration Get your Flu shot at the Portland Community Free Clinic! Flu season is once again upon us. Although there are a number of different types of flu, they all have similar symptoms, but in comparison with a common cold, flu symptoms tend to be... Continue Reading →

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