What is Presenteeism?

Every hear of presenteeism? It is sort of the opposite of absenteeism--that is, going to work when you are sick or have symptoms, instead of staying home and getting better. Presenteeism is an issue for many of the patients that we see at the Portland Community Free Clinic. Here, Bob Barrett, RN, Public Health Nurse... Continue Reading →

Online Auction a Big Success!

  Thank you to all the businesses who donated and participants who bid on items! The combination of donations and bidding helped to ensure the 2018 Online Auction to benefit the PCFC was a big success. Here are a few numbers and statistics to tell the story of this year's online auction. We had a... Continue Reading →

The Sea Change Chorale has partnered with the Portland Community Free Clinic for 2018. 100% of the funds raised at this concert will be donated to the Friends of the PCFC. InterMed, the largest physician-owned primary care practice in Maine, has pledged to support the clinci by matching the concert donations. Please join us for... Continue Reading →

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