View from the summit, taken July 11, 2016

View from the summit, taken July 11, 2016

Woo-hoo, the climbers are barely off Mt. Katahdin and Brian Neider of Climb4acure has issued a challenge: if we can raise an additional $2,500, he’ll match it with a $5,000 gift from Climb4acure! Whoa!

The Fundraising Thermometer on this site has been updated. You can donate to an individual climber or specifically to Meet the Climb4acure Challenge! Once we reach $17, 500 that amount will magically increase to $22,500 of support for the Portland Community Free Clinic!


At the summit, July 11 2016

We raised $15,000 for the Katahdin Climb with donations from 129 people (thank you!). This was not a campaign of large donations from corporate sponsors–rather it was friends and family pitching in to support our climbers with gifts of $25 (23 people), $50 (31 people), or $100 (32 people). Donations ranged from $5 to $500, with one large gift from Climb4acure. If everyone reading this makes a small donation, we will reach our additional $2,500 goal in just a few days!

So, please, friends–reach into your pockets one more time and help us meet this additional goal! And if you haven’t donated yet, here’s your chance to make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support!

Leslie, on the behalf the of the Mt. Katahdin Climbing Team

Mt. Katahdin Fundraiser – You Can Still Support the Climbers!

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Chimeny Pond, July 10 2016

Chimney Pond, July 10 2016

Use the form below to donate to one or more hikers, or make a donation specific to our Climb4acure Matching Challenge!  Fundraising progress for each hiker can be found on this page.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Mt. Katahdin Fundraising Goals

Mt. Katahdin Hike – July 10-12, 2016

Individual Hikers’ Fundraising Progress

Charlotte Phillips – $2195 of $1000 (219%)

Peter Toohey – $1295 of $1000 (129%)

Ruby Spicer – $675 of $1000 (67%)

Randy Ferrell – $1146 of $1000 (114%)

Tony Jendrek – $1410 of $1000 (141%)

Sally Weiss – $700 of $1000 (70%)

Mother/Daughter Caroline Teschke and Joanna Crispe – $2255 of $2000 (113%)

Kendall Wyman – $580 of $1000 (58%)

Greg Hugill – $551 of $1000 (55%)

Joan Tryzelaar – $2220 of $1000 (220%)

Bryan Neider, Climb4acure – $2510 of $1000 (251%) 

Community Support – $150

Comments from our supporters:

  • I wish I could join you! – Renee Russell
  • Good luck, Dr. T. – Charlie Micoleau
  • Way to go, Char! – Susan Lodge, ooxx
  • Go Char! – Tiz and Whit
  • Just a bit further! – Jennifer Rose
  • Go Charlotte! Wish I could be there. Your loving sister, Kate
  • Anyone can stand atop a mountain, few will climb! Go Caroline! – Sandy Green
  • Have fun, all of you, supporting what sounds like a phenomenal, effective program! – Susan duPont
  • Just be careful up there! – Gregory James
  • Go for it girl…so proud to know you! – Wendy Cuthbertson
  • Enjoy!! – T.M. Thompson
  • Team effort! – Caroline Teschke
  • Thank you for all you do! Toho Soma
  • Good luck Kendall! – Jennifer Hitchcox
  • Good luck Sally and thanks for your support of diabetes, a cause so close to your heart! – Cynthia Morris
  • I wish I were going with you but not this time. Good climbing – Uncle Stephen
  • Go to work Tony! – Joan Leitzer
  • I am supporting you, Dad, not just liking you on Facebook! – Lance
  • Best of luck, you are doing a great thing. – Jill Freda
  • Go Sally and Kendall! – Dace Weiss
  • My grandmother had Type 1 diabetes, I think it touches us all! Good luck on your hike and have fun! – Paige Picard
  • Way to go Sally!! Good luck on this adventure. Such a great thing you are doing. – Betty Ostrander
  • I’m proud of you! – Anneke Chang
  • Go Randy & Greg! – Erica Johnson
  • I hope you have a beautiful day! – Bonnie Farrand
  • Good luck Ruby! – Vicki Durrell
  • It’s such a great cause and I couldn’t be prouder to support my two sisters! – Betsy Robinson
  • We are so glad to have your participation in the Katahdin Climb, Tony! – Charlotte Phillips
  • Yay Char!! – Eliza Hatch
  • Go Randy!!! – Marc Gup
  • Go Randy and Greg! – Margie Welch xo
  • Good luck! – Jennifer Howard
  • Portland needs the Free Clinic! Happy Hiking🙂 – Lori Beaulieu
  • Love your inspiring commitment to our community Randy! Good luck on your climb! – Allison Blackstone
  • Thank you for all you do for the community! – Janice Wescott
  • Kick some butt on the climb Randy – Chad and Erin, “We stand with India Street”
  • Good luck on your journey! – Stephanie Miller
  • Always assume good will. – Christine Foster
  • WOO! – Elise Loschiavo
  • Climb safely and have a blast! – Kelley Craig
  • Go get that mountain!! – David Cekutis
  • Best wishes to all of you as you ascend and descend Katahdin. May your hike be safe, peaceful, joyous, and harmonious with the beauty of this incredible treasure. Thank you for supporting the clinic with your efforts and exertions. – Carol Redelsheimer
  • Go get ’em, Randy! Enjoy the hike, it’s a beauty. – Zeke Callanan
  • Good luck, Tony! – Gene Jendrek
  • Way to go Joan! – Linda Gray
  • Special shout-out to Kendall and Sally–very proud of you for doing this! – Vicki Wyman
  • Way to go, Char!🙂 – Susannah Hatch
  • Good luck and stay safe! – Nancy Tryzelaar
  • Good luck Dad! Don’t fall off the mountain! – Erick Tryzelaar
  • “Every mountain is a top within reach if you just keep climbing.” – Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond
  • Good luck and have fun! – Nat May
  • Keep climbing! – Aaron
  • Go Tony – you can do it!🙂 – John Genthner
  • I love you Ruby! This is just one reason why. – Sam
  • Randy will reach new heights. – Larry Vine
  • Go girls go! – Mary Rowe
  • So proud! Love you! – Max 
  • Way to go Jo and Cals! I hope you drum up a big load of support and I hope you enjoy your hike. Mother-Daughter hikes are the best. – Josie Lawlor
  • Enjoy the climb Ruby! xxx – Simone Spicer
  • Go Charlotte! Love from your proud friend, Lucie
  • You are an inspiration, Caroline! Here’s to you and Joanna, a great mother-daughter team. – Cheers from Suzanne (aka Mary)
  • Go Ruby! – Susannah Ringel
  • To my favorite Pine Street residents! Go Cals and Jo! I’ll be rooting for ya! – Sunny K 
  • Onward and upward, Tony! Love, Michael, Judy, and Bob
  • Keep going Tony! So many our age sit too much!! – Bruce Stevens
  • Go Caroline and Joanna! A tremendous hike for an invaluable service in our community. – Susan Roche
  • Best wishes! – Sarah Horn
  • You go girls! – Lucky Hollander
  • You two are amazing! Enjoy! – Judith Johnson
  • I am in awe for both the cause and you, Caroline. – Anne Kemper
  • Mother and Daughter, looking great! All the Best, Jason
  • Good luck! – Heather Spangler
  • Thanks to the Katahdin Team for supporting the Free Clinic! I will be sending soothing energies to your spirits, knees, and ankles. Be safe and respect the mountain. – Bob Barrett
  • Good luck! – Chris McGlincey
  • Best of luck on the hike! I will be at the bottom waiting with bottles of wine! Love you both lots! xo – Rachel Mandel
  • I’m very proud of you! I hope the new shoes work out ok!! – Cheryl Hugill
  • Thank you for your kind work. Metta. – Robert Schmidt
  • You go girls! Climb every mountain, etc. – Michael Montgomery
  • You are a beautiful and brilliant team! Good luck and enjoy the journey. – Nancy English
  • Go climb a mountain! – Zach Jones
  • Good luck! – Steve
  • Brilliant effort–lots of love from us both.  Jonny and Kath, xo
  • Go Jo! – Alecia Stein
  • Jo and Cals, you’re rock stars! Love you! Xo Libs
  • Thank you for supporting the Free Clinic! – Betsy True
  • Go girls! After your training in the lakes, this will be a breeze. Lots of love, Babs xxxx
  • I’m very impressed!!! – Donna Doughten
  • Best wishes and thank you for your skillful efforts to ease the suffering of so many. – Lynn Kutler
  • Thank you to all the people at the Portland Community Free Clinic for all the good you do, and to all the climbers for helping the clinic.  – Tom Shymanski
  • GoFightWin! – Carrie Chute
  • Good work, Randy! We’d love to buy you a celebratory drink, we miss you! – Laura, Pete, Jack, & Quinn
  • Way to Go! – Amy Pearl
  • The $5,000 matching challenge shouldn’t be passed up–come on, let’s get this done! Vicki Wyman
  • Way to go, Kendall! – Mark Ostrander
  • Here’s a donation for the clinic. Anyone who has climbed Katahdin certainly deserves this! Best, Fred True